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Meet Steve

Born Glasgow, Scotland.

Bachelors Degree in International Politics

Masters Degrees (2) in International Studies and Sports Business


World Rugby Level 3 Coach

USA Rugby Coach of the Year 2016 & 2019

General Manager - Rugby New York 2020-23 (MLR Champions 2022)

Chief Operating Officer - PRO Rugby 2016

Board Member - National Collegiate Rugby 2016-present


Teams coached:

  • Nigeria Mens & Womens 7s (qualified Commonwealth Games & Africa Cup)

  • Jamaica Mens & Womens 7s (Winners RAN, qualified Olympic Repechage)

  • Costa Rica Mens & Womens 7s (Winners Central American Games)

  • USA Rugby Collegiate All-Americans (U-23) 

  • Northeast Academy Mens & Womens 7s (Winners Tobago, Barbados, NY7s)

  • New York City 7s

  • Old Blue 7s & 15s (winners NY 7s, Finalists National Championship)

  • Bulldogs 7s (winners national Championship)

  • Denver Highlanders 15s

  • Vail 7s &15s

  • Co-Optimists 7s

  • Ramblin Jesters 7s (Winners Rugbytown 7s)

  • Roots 7s (Finalists NY 7s)

  • West Point Womens 7s (Finalists CRC)

  • Siena 7s

  • Western Mustangs 7s & 15s

  • Western Mustangs Collegiate 7s & 15s

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Available upon request


Connect (@lizardrugby)

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USA Eagles and Rugby New York Legend

"A friend and mentor to many. A man with great experience and always one with the rugby community. Steve listens carefully, but is always happy to share his wealth of experience and ideas, delivering helpful insights and questions which would help any coach to develop their craft"

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